The Big Leaguers – 5 Timeless RPG Video Games

RPG games have their own flare to it, and that’s why we love them! If you’ve never played an RPG game before, you’d better start with some of the best out there. In this post we take a look at five of the biggest and most popular RGP games of all time.

The Witcher series

Topping the list of timeless RPG has to be this series, with the first installment allowing you to find your way around as Captain Kirk. The second one making it so that the options were more adjustable by the player and the 3rd one completely setting a new standard for RPG games, there just couldn’t be better in our first place.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Even though massively mainstream, its versatile features of fights, plots, side quests, highly customizable features, a nice big map to explore and many other alluring characteristics, have made it so it appeals to both the amateur gamers and the bigger league ones.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

We included this Installment of the series due to the amazing impression it left on gamers all across the board. The challenging nature of the game, with such an enormous world to get lost in and side quests to be sidetracked by, makes it a beloved and marvelous timeless RPG that big leaguers will always find alluring.

Mass Effect 2

Standing out as it triggered an amazing response from gamers getting hooked on its galaxy-based world, and walking around as Commander Shepard hanging out with aliens, as well as chatting with their teammates and browsing through the massive inventory. Its movie-like layout makes it all the better to play.

Baldur’s Gate

Born from the famed D&D table game, Baldur’s gate still emulates that setting, while facilitating the record keeping as it is all of course automatic, relieving the players to just delve into the fantasy world. Get lost in it as you grow into a big strong character, through endless quests and missions.

There are plenty more, but these are the most popular and all around outstanding big league RPG games, that grip the gamers’ attention and don’t let go.

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