2 Useful Skills Real-Time Strategy Games can Teach You

It would seem that everybody in the world has a video game genre tailored for them, many people engage in one and do not come out of it until they get bored or finish their entire collection.

Others are simply more versatile and keep changing according to the market, until they gradually decant for a specific genre for the rest of their lives. But what useful skills can we get from playing RTS video games?

Make a Strategy

StrategyGame - 2 Useful Skills Real-Time Strategy Games can Teach You

If you are an RTS player you might have realized that you have a great capacity to create functional strategies in any type of game you play, through years of experience your mindset is shaped by this modality.

This means you’ll be able to apply it in all fields of your daily life. For example, at work, you might find yourself generating strategies that offer bigger and better revenues.

Prepare a Counterattack

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The counterattack is one of the most used tactics in RTS video games and constitutes a fundamental pillar in the development of a game, as well as a military strategy that has been used by many armies and people around the world and through history.

As an RTS player, you may be able to wield these counterattack skills against any inconveniences or tough spots you might face, helping you out of them.

This is the importance of becoming a good player of the sub-genre RTS. Because you could get skills that would seem impossible to obtain through a game, to begin with, and yet it has been proven you can. Playing video games can improve various aspects of your daily life at this very moment. There is no limit, the only limit is your imagination and how much you can do with it. So don’t let anyone tell you that you are just wasting your life being a hardcore gamer, instead show them what you can do. Design an astonishing strategy and counterattack with all your wits and keenly developed mindset.

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8 Upcoming RTS Video Games We Can’t Wait To Play

Every time a new game comes out to the spotlight, we immediatelly fall in love with the idea of ‘the next one’ to be released. Here are some upcoming RTS video games to check out.

RTSCommunityGamesBanner - 8 Upcoming RTS Video Games We Can’t Wait To Play

Age of Empires III

This installment of AoE was amazing and so popular when it first came out back in 2005, that Forgotten Studios took it on to remaster it. They are gifting us with the possibility of playing it even in 4k resolution, while still keeping the all too familiar features of the game that we just can’t get enough of.

Age of Empires IV

Being the classic it is, most RTS gamers just can’t wait to get a hold of this new installment of the game. Although it has been developed by Relic Entertainment, it still has the same mechanics of empire building and crushing, with the added perk of modern day graphics.

They are Billions

In this current time, zombies are all the rave in pop culture. Matching that with today’s graphic options following the footsteps of AoE’s way of developing through gathering resources, growing and killing the enemy, this steampunk game looks very promising.

WarCraft III Reforged

This game needs little introduction, and with remastered graphics and fresh player audible dialogs, along with the original installment’s expansion “The Frozen Throne” we’re just dying to get our hands on this one and game till we drop.

Iron Harvest

Based on Polish history, this game is so awaited by gamers because it presents history with a plot twist of big bots being developed in the 19th century, and used for warfare as well as in civilian life. This diesel-punk game promises to hook us onto its alternative world history.

Abandon Ship

On this game we get to play Captain of a ship, during the golden age of sailing ships, and engage in naval warfare activities. With visuals made to match a 19th century painting, and the possibility of having your ship sunk or even dying and having to start from scratch. It sounds like this game will definitely be wonderful.

Conan Unconquered

Since it is based on the very popular Robert E. Howard’s stories, gamers all over the world can’t wait to get to recruit armies, fight off hordes, building fortresses and all kinds of defensive structures, as they try to reproduce the beloved short stories.

Gates of Hell

If you’re more into tactics, than into the progressive building of an attack force and base camp, you must look forward to the release of this game. Set on WW2’s scenarios, it will plunge gamers into all the different battlefields of the time. From snowy Scandinavia to stifling hot lands in Africa, where you have to fight for your life. You can even get to control one soldier at the time and have his decisions affect the course of the story.

These are just some of the most expected RTS Video games that are in store for fans this year. Remastered classics and zombie hoards will surely keep everybody busy and glued to their PC, month after month. 2019 promises to be filled with outstanding treats for gamers all around.